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Our revolutionary Dragon Fresh™ canisters help change the way the world thinks about harmful industrial emissions, transforming foul smelling fugitive emissions into odorless vapour, maintaining beautiful environments for years to come.

For any job

PDE canisters can be used to capture emissions throughout the oil and gas lifecycle, from extraction to refinery, both onshore and offshore.

Long Lasting

PDE Canisters come equipped with state of the art technology, giving them a service life longer than any comparable product.

No Chemicals

The sorbent is from a natural source and does not contain chemicals or hazardous materials.

Eco Friendly

The environmentally conscious PDE canister reduces fugitive emissions, and creates cleaner workplaces.

the future is here

Until now, oil and gas producing regions worldwide have not had an efficient way to manage vapour and odour emissions from displacement or movement of liquids. The air that is displaced with fluids from oilfield wells, pipes, vessels and tanks contains compounds that are harmful to the environment, and can contaminate soil and ground water.

More Details

Pure Dragon’s patent technology is heavy industry’s leading vapour scrubbing method for removing sulphur compounds and VOC’s, including BTEX and H2S.

We have created a canister with a specialized flow design and proprietary sorbent media that has a 1-for-1 weight-to-weight removal capacity.

The PDE Canister can be fitted onto almost anything.

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